Throwback Thursday Poetry: Echoes

the Noises are encompassing
They surround me everywhere i go
some are Roaring; some are a Whisper
making me Shake or Calming my nerves
lifting my Spirits; breaking my Resolve
i hear Them as i sleep
They are never away
the Sounds of my Demons
Nightmares as i wake

Throwback Thursday Poetry: As She Reads

She sits there quietly
as if She’s waiting for something
perhaps someone
She reads to pass the time
no one else around Her has a book
they are occupied by other things
She is alone with a book
the book loses Her gaze now and then
when someone passes by
as if She’s waiting for someone
a sigh of impatience
a glance at the time
what is She waiting for
perhaps even She doesn’t know
She continues reading
while life passes by