Tuesday Poetry: Lonely Words

the journey through friendship always ends the same
i care less for each person the longer i stay
i dream to socialize yet i’m always home
seeking out friendships though i want to be alone
do others think of me when i’m not around
would anyone care if i didn’t make a sound
such insecurities are found in mad men
the ones who are so mad they must think with a pen
no companions around ‘cept a pen and pad
my words on paper will make you happy or sad

Tuesday Poetry: Infatuation

i blind my thoughts
distract my Will
losing my strongest Skill

the days seem long
short they once were
this disease has no cure

lost in madness
that i create
living with this mistake

the Heart is torn
the Pride is gone
your mind cries for so long

your hardened soul
will live again
stop living for women

Tuesday Poetry: The Dancers are Proud

running around
the dancers are proud
entertaining the crowd
the dancers are proud

the dancers are free
like birds in the air
jumping around
with nothing to fear

they dance with the radiance
of an illuminating star
they dance for them near
they dance for them far

the smiles on their faces
as they jump in the air
bring warmth to the crowd
that watches them there

lifting the spirits
of the entire town
entertaining the crowd
the dancers are proud