The Tales of Enderas: The Great Battle

much turmoil is there at night
when the Winged Horse fights for Light
against the Dark Beast of sin
dragon’s Evil is within
only righteousness prevails
against the creatures from Hell
for eternity they brawl
neither lives and neither falls
the Winged Horse and the Dragon
warring for souls of thousands
the conflict will end in blood
as the dirt turns into mud
the rain will fall with the sun
a new era has begun

The next poem in the series coming Jan 11. From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.

Tuesday Poetry: Crack House Drive-By in 1992

I lived on a street
With a crack house
It was not the first
It was not the last
Cars came and went all day

I was five
They were three houses away
There was a drive-by
One summer evening
We lived there only a month or two

I understood what the sounds were
I didn’t think if people were hurt
The family went back to 
Watching a movie but this time
We shut the front door

The next crack house was
Down the street almost
A block away from us
Crackheads and crack whores
Walked the streets at night

I walked to grade school
Every day in these neighborhoods
I thought this was normal life
I didn’t know life was different
For literally everyone else

From the poetry collection Cats, Coffee, Catharsis.