Tuesday Poetry: Valentines Past

Valentine’s day has wasted me away
I cannot search for these things anymore
Is this a curse for me, I cannot say
Why could I not find what I had wished for
In days of old, I felt I was too young
To court or have relations with a girl
I was scared too and lost air in my lungs
They would walk by and my insides would curl
Experience lacked when I got older
I had never spoken to a female
Years went by; I began to feel colder
Sadness seemed the end of my lifelong tale

I grew wiser in years and felt less pain
Though lonely sometimes, sun shines through the rain

Coffee and Contemplation: Halloween Remembrance Day

This is a thing I made up. Instead of celebrating Valentine’s Day, I celebrate Halloween again. Both holidays involve candy so it kind of works. The idea came about a couple years ago. I knew several people who, even if they had partners, they hated Valentine’s Day and everything about it. They also all enjoyed Halloween over every other holiday. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Will it catch on and become a big thing? I don’t know. That’s not my goal. The main purpose is to give people something else to celebrate that maybe doesn’t make them feel awful for not have a romantic partner.

It’s rumored that more breakups occur on February 14th than any other day of the year with New Year’s Eve being a close second. I don’t know if there are any real statistics for this. I’ve never bothered to research. Some Latin American countries know the day as Día del Amor y la Amistad (the day of love and friendship). It’s isn’t just about lovers but showing gratitude towards friends as well. So why now show your love for your favorite holiday with your friends and celebrate Halloween Remembrance Day? Dress up or don’t. Eat candy or don’t. Have a feast with friends. Or watch horror movies with a Valentine’s theme. There are many fun, creative ways to celebrate Halloween Remembrance Day. Enjoy!