Wacky Wednesday: January 20

This week’s wackiness is a little light with only a few holidays to observe. I’m sure most people are interested in the US Presidential inauguration. Continuing our look into old English insults we have Roiderbanks. This refers to someone who lives beyond their means or seems to spend extravagantly. I’ve met many folks who spend more than they appear to have. Next up we have Saddle-goose. This is a fun word, and the definition is even more fun. Saddling geese is a proverbially pointless exercise, so anyone who wastes their time doing it, namely a saddle-goose, must be an imbecile.

We have two token food holidays today. The first is National Buttercrunch Day. Buttercrunch is a combination of toffee covered in chocolate. There are many variations to the caramel flavored treat including toasted almond sprinkles. Next, we have National Cheese Lover’s Day. The earliest record of cheese making is from 5,500 BCE in what is now Poland. There are over 1,400 varieties of cheese today. Today is also National Disc Jockey Day. Be sure to contact your favorite radio DJ or local club DJ and tell them how much you appreciate them. If you ask them their favorite kind of cheese they may become your best friend or stare at you like you have three heads.

Wacky Wednesday: January 13

Today is filled with many things. We have some great words, some remembrances, and some trivial things to celebrate. We continue our exploration into old English insults with Raggabrash. This word refers to a disorganized or grubby person. We all know someone who always seems out-of-sorts no matter how much they plan ahead. Next we have Rakefire. This refers to a visitor who outstays their welcome. This used to mean, and the name comes from, someone who stayed so late the dying coals in the fireplace would need to be raked over to keep it burning. 

We’ll start our holidays off with the token food holiday. Today is National Peach Melba Day. This is a dessert with peaches, vanilla ice cream, and raspberry sauce. It may even include whipped cream and a cherry on top. Today is also Korean American Day commemorating the first Korean immigrants coming to the United States in 1903. And it’s Stephen Foster Memorial Day celebrating the music of the first US composer. He’s songs include “Oh, Susanna,” and “Camptown Races.” And finally, today is also National Rubber Ducky Day and National Sticker Day. Someone makes stickers of rubber duckies, right?

Wacky Wednesday: January 6

Welcome to the first wacky day of the new year. This one will be lots of fun. There are still several old English insults that we haven’t covered so let’s keep that trend going. Our first word is Mumblecrust. A mumblecrust is a toothless beggar and is derived from the name of a stock character in medieval theatrical farces. Our second word is Quisby. This is someone who shirks from work or lays around. In Victorian English, doing quisby meant the same thing. These insults don’t roll of the tongue like many others, but it can be fun to call someone a name and have them not know what it means.

There are several holidays today. For our token food holidays we have National Shortbread Day, this refers to the shortbread cookie of Scottish origin, and National Bean Day. Though this day is intended to celebrate the beans we usually eat; kidney, red, soy, etc…I also like to think of it as another day to celebrate the coffee bean. I do enjoy adding beans to soups as well. Today is also National Technology Day celebrating all things technology from smartphones to vehicles. And today is National Cuddle Up Day. January is the coldest month of the year and this day encourages everyone to cuddle up with loved ones for the many health benefits. Enjoy some shortbread as you cuddle with your significant other or even your pet. It’s always a good time for cuddles.