Twofer Tuesday Poetry: Perceive Life & The Only One

Perceive Life

Can you see me?
Am I alive?
I call to you
You don’t notice

Ignored – 
I’m not important
At least not to you
No love for me
From me – 

Can you see me?
I can’t see

The Only One

I remember when I first saw you
Unlike the other women you were
I made it a goal to speak to you
I never caught you at the right time

Few and far between were our meetings
It seemed that it was not meant to be
Years passed, and you were only a dream
I’d never captivate a goddess

Your blue eyes were always in my thoughts
Golden hair like yours would catch my eye
I saw you, but I did not see you
I only saw what I wanted to 

When you came to me, I couldn’t breathe
I did not believe it could be real
If you choose someone else over me
I would not be angry or upset

I may not be with anyone else
I’d compare them to you; they would fail
You’re the only one I dream about

From the poetry collection Men Are Garbage.

Poetry Monday: The Friend Zone is a Construct of the Male Ego

The concept of the “Friend Zone” is stupid
Men created the idea to justify wanting sex
Without saying they only want sex
I’ve never heard a woman say she got “Friend Zoned”
The guys who talk about the “Friend Zone”
Would be rapists if rape was legal
It happens sometimes
You like someone, and they don’t like you
But want to be friends
Your ego is preventing you
From having a happy, healthy relationship
With the person you claimed “Friend Zoned” you
Do you complain about not getting to fuck your guy friends?
No, because you actually consider them friends
Stop objectifying women and appreciate the friendship

From the poetry collection Men Are Garbage.

Flashback Friday Poetry: The Craving for Insanity

sanity’s a drag
there’s no fun in life
what’s the point
of being normal
if you’re bored
out of your mind

everyone is crazy
if they really try
if they find
that they’re insane
they’ll have an
 interesting life

i crave for
the insanity
that captivates
my mind
lost here
within my head
and no place
to hide

the insanity
is captivating
it’s overtaking me
stay away
or you will pay
for i am provoking pain!

Early poetry from James. From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.