Twofer Tuesday Poetry: Transcend Bigotry & First Impressions

Transcend Bigotry

You ever want to
Change your face
Change your race – 
Change your sex
Your gender
Your faith – 
Some would change
To feel accepted
At peace
With the Wasps – 

I claim no place
No label – no box – 
My race, my sex
My everything
Is my name – 
Don’t call me white
Or man
Or straight
Call me James
The only label I claim

I’m not white
I’m just James – 
My four eyes
Are color and gender blind

First Impressions

It doesn’t matter
How many people I help
Or how kind I am – 
You’ll never see me
As anything more
Than some
Bastard –

From the poetry collection Men Are Garbage.

Poetry Monday: Women Have Mantrums Too

We had boxes for Go-Go dancers
On the dancefloor

Some girls would climb up to dance
I told them, to avoid liability issues,
To get down

They put their hand out
For me to help them down
I walked away

They yelled at me in Spanish

They climbed on the box
On their own
They can get down on their own

I treated them the same
As I treated the men


Women have yelled at me
For opening doors
Saying they’re not weak
They can do it themselves

I hold doors for men too

I’m just being polite
And respectful

From the poetry collection Men Are Garbage.

Throwback Thursday Poetry: My So-Called Love

i’m not the one to blame
when you have gone insane
you seem to want to tame
the life i live with pain
it’s freedom that i crave
but you don’t feel the same

oh no
you see
i’m begging on my knees
i plead
why won’t you let me

i guess i have no choice
it’s me that you annoy
it seems i’ve lost my voice
i hear you rejoice
it brings you joy to see
all this tragedy

i can’t
you’d do all this to me
the heart
in me
it blinds me to your deeds

this pain
i feel
i will never reveal
to them
to me
i will never be free

Early poetry from James. From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.