Looking for Producers

Simply put, I am looking for other folks to help financially speaking.  In return, I offer exclusive content that no one else has access to and the opportunity to be included in the creative process.  This may not seem like much or it may not seem interesting but this is the beginning of something greater.  In a few years time, Tucson can easily become a hub or mecca for performing artists and those who are interested in the entertainment industry.  There is a lot of potential and I am trying to channel that potential into one place.

You can learn more about the different options of being a producer for VaudVil is you check out this page detailing all the information, We Are Looking For Producers.  You can also skip the middle man and go directly to our Patreon Page and choose which producer option best fits with your budget and sign up right there.  This is also where the exclusive content will be located and there is all ready a few goodies on the site.  These include videos about how to get published or how to pitch your TV or film ideas to studio executives.  This is valuable information that you cannot find anywhere else in Tucson, AZ.

Other exciting things would include different images and audio files and videos about the content we are creating and of course being able to participate in planning our live events throughout the year.  Our next event is Monday, August 21.  We are still working out the minor details and more information will be posted soon, but with your financial support we can produce more shows and continue to be Tucson’s source for variety entertainment.  Do you want to be apart of something new and exciting or just watch the world pass you by?

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