Twofer Tuesday Poetry: Steve’s General Store & A Thought

Steve’s General Store

It’s a pit-stop store just outside of town.
Steve is the robot that works the counter.
With this job, a human would have a frown.
They all died; it’s been one hundred winters.
Steve carries on like a machine would do.
He completes his duties and tasks with ease.
Better work would only be done by few.
To pass the time, he straightens the pulleys.
A bell rings as someone enters the shop.
A young machine just under a meter.
He requests an oil can for his pop.
Steve picks up one from behind to barter.
The small mechanoid counts out some silver;
Into Steve’s hand, the robot delivers.

A Thought

Jumping – to-and-fro – 
Never lingering
To avoid – stagnation – 
Going everywhere
Going nowhere

Traveling through time
Bringing pleasure
Bringing pain – 
Oh pain
The great reminder – 

To be random
Is to daydream
To dream
Is to be free
But never free of me

Expert planning – 
Nefarious plotting – 
Forgetting where you left
Your keys – the ignition – 
The day started poorly

Whisked away
And forgotten
Only to be filled
Replaced – 
By another

As dreams – nightmares – 
Powered by a muse
A demon
Perhaps both – 

Do you
Control me – 
Or I you – 
The brain the mind the soul
What are we – 

You can’t trust me
When emotions are high
And self-esteem – low – 
I wouldn’t trust me – 

It’s harder for me
To disappear when you – 
Write me down – down – 
I don’t think I’ve
Ever gone up

Other times
You want to forget me
But – I don’t leave – 
Those are bad days – 
Haunted – by memories –

From the poetry collection Men Are Garbage.

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