Keys Reef Part 4

Read Part 3.

            “I’m telling the truth.” Doris said.

            “How’d we lose our powers then?”

            “Belief is a powerful thing. You were once a great sea god called Nereus.”

            “Well, that’s a stupid name. You just made that up.”

            “It’s true.”

            “Oh yeah? What was your name?”

            “It’s always been Doris.”

            “Why’d you change my name?”

            “That was your idea. You enjoyed not being a god anymore. You used the last of your powers to take this form and changed your name to Larcus. It had something to do with the crab in the stars.”

            “That’s stupid. There’s no crab in the stars.”

            “I think you meant a constellation.”

            “I’ve never had one of those.”

            “Anyway, you enjoyed living here with me. But the accident made you forget yourself. You’re still obnoxious though.”

            “You’ve known me all that time? Even when we were gods?”


            “Why didn’t you tell me before?”

            “I have. Many times.”

            “Yeah. Okay. I think I’d remember that.”

            “That’s what you always say.”

            “Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I just realized something.”


            “If we had powers when the humans worshiped us, then we just need them to believe in us again. And with that power, we can conquer the world!”

            “Why do you still care about that?”

            “And with my powers, I can melt the ice caps. I’ve completed my master plan! Hahahaha!”

            “You’re an idiot.”

            “You don’t like my master plan?”

            “How do you plan to get humans to worship you?”

            They stare at each other in silence.


            “Yep. Your plan still sucks.”

            “I’ll start with the mini lobsters that live in the area.”


            “You know, the little reef lobsters.”

            “I know, but what do you mean start with them?”

            “I’ll get them to worship me. Then I’ll get other sea creatures. It’ll take time. The penguins probably won’t go for it. Then I get the octopi to help me invade the land. They can spread the word of Larcus.”

            “You seriously have a one-track mind.”

            “Thank you. Soon the world will be mine. Look! It’s Wallace. He’ll worship me. Hey! Hey sea tortoise!”

            “No honey. Leave Wallace alone.”

            “Can I speak to you about our lord and savior Larcus the Lobster?”

The End.

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