Wacky Wednesday: July 1

Welcome to the first Wacky Wednesday of July! I’m your host and we’ve got some cool and exciting things happening in this post. Our first wacky word is about words. Logomachy is a noun meaning a dispute about words or a controversy marked by verbiage. These are the kind of arguments politicians have. They might agree on terms but complain about the verbiage and word usage. It’s an easy way to filibuster. Our next word is a variation of a term many know. You might be familiar with couch potato. I present the noun Mouse Potato which means the same thing but instead of a couch, the person spends their time in front of a computer.

For our holidays today, we have National Postal Worker Day and, appropriately, National U.S. Postage Stamp Day. The first postage stamp was issued in 1847. Stamps were not required back then, and the recipient would pay for the delivery. Stamps became mandatory in 1855. National Postal Worker Day began in 1997. Today is also National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day and National Gingersnap Day. These go well together because I’ve had a gingersnap ice cream. It was basically a vanilla ice cream with gingersnap cookies mixed in. Still a delicious ice cream but not recommended for anyone with an allergy to gluten.

Tuesday Poetry: Human Connections are Hard to Find

Sometimes when I
Want someone to hold,
Or for someone
To hold me,
My cat knows – 
She lays and 
Purrs on my chest
When I’m lonely.
She’s always there
To knead on my chest
With nails that need clipped
Poking me, drawing blood – 
She settles and sleeps
The constant hum
Of her hypnotic purr.
Some days I fall
Asleep to her affection,
Some days she sleeps
On the couch
When I toss and turn – 
Her affection never
Stops the night terrors
She’s always there afterwards,
But cats can only do
So much for humans

From the poetry collection Cats, Coffee, Catharsis.

Poetry Monday: Accept the Love; Any Love

Confusion and lack of focus
Negative thoughts swirling around
One bad assumption leads
To one bad memory or 
Many, and leads to more
Bad assumptions – lying

This is Satan, Lucifer, The Devil
Thoughts run amuck to
Make you hate yourself, to
Make you hurt yourself, to
Make you kill yourself, to – 
The demons are inside you

When your mind wants you
To push away people who
Love you; ones you love,
The one you love – 
It’s not the love you wanted
But it’s the love you need

From the poetry collection Cats, Coffee, Catharsis.