Twofer Tuesday Poetry: Loss, Love, Life & Survival Doesn't Help You Grow

Loss, Love, Life

He wanted
To see
The love he had
Her love
Was not
The same – 
She loved him
Yes, but
The same – 
No one ever
Loves you
The same
As you do
Them – 
But they love
And that’s
Something – 
Or maybe it’s
Nothing – 
Maybe love
Is the only thing
Any of us
Truly own – 
He doesn’t want
To own
Anymore – 
But it
Never goes
Away – 
Love is there – 
Wanted or not – 
We all must
Learn to
Live with love
And without it – 
Whether you
Love yourself
Or don’t
You must live

Survival Doesn’t Help You Grow

When you hit rock bottom
You can only go up
When you’ve hit your
Lowest low
The first step feels too high

You don’t know how you are
Until someone tells you
You don’t notice the anger inside
Until it drives everyone away
You don’t notice what you avoid

How do you unlearn everything
That helped you survive
How do you learn to live
When all you know is survival
Survival is no longer enough

From the poetry collection Cats, Coffee, Catharsis.

Poetry Monday: Downtown Bus Station

At nine p.m.
The worst of the worst
Hover on benches
Or lean on columns – 
They’re not here
To catch a ride
I get a drink
From a vending machine
I wait for the bus
That will take me home – 
Wannabe thugs
Homeless vagrants
My anxiety levels rise
My pupils widen
My face feels cold
I don’t know when
I started tapping my heel
Why does this guy
Walk behind me – 
Security walks by
Tells a guy smoking a cigarette
To move to the smoking area
The guy keeps smoking
But watches the security guard
Like he wants to fight
He passes the smoke to
Another guy and walks off – 
The bus comes
I board quickly
From the moving bus
I see the guy talking
To a young woman
His friend talks to
Another woman
I don’t like it
But I don’t stop the bus
I hope those women
Get home safe

From the poetry collection Cats, Coffee, Catharsis.

World Poetry Day!

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In celebration of World Poetry Day 2020, I offer to you all a previously unpublished poem. Share a poem of yours or your favorite poem in the comments!

All My Keys Don’t Have Locks

Blue black barriers
You can’t talk to invisible monsters
Needles hold happy thoughts
Bottles carry the anger
Suitcases weigh two tons
Dreams only come true if you buy them
The kitty cat kicks around the conundrum
Who has time for fairy tale partners
The tattooed trees don’t speak anymore
Death’s doorknob dangles
The sidewalk’s grift is flawless
I want the boardgame to end