National Pie Day

National Pie Day is unique because it happens twice a year. January 23 and December 1. Pie is so amazing it needs two days of celebration. Or you could celebrate every day because pie. That’s the only reason you need. This celebration was created back in 1986 by the American Pie Council. It is believed that the first pies appeared in 9500 BCE in the Egyptian Neolithic period. So, pies have been a staple for several thousand years. Maybe I like pie because it’s been encoded in my DNA over thousands of generations.

I’m down for just about any kind of pie, but my favorite is pumpkin pie. After that, I enjoy cream pies and sometimes fruit pie. Pot pies are good too when I want some meat and vegetables. Despite this love for pie, I’ve never baked one on my own. I helped a friend make a pie from scratch once but never again. I’d be more willing to bake pies more often if I had more counter space in my kitchen. I’ll get there one day, and I’ll only eat pies from that point on. I’ll get fat on pies. That’s the real American dream.

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