Tuesday Poetry: Thirst

Have you ever been thirsty
Wanting a drink so much
It makes your body shake

Have you ever been thirsty
So many times you didn’t
Want another drink

Have you ever been so
Parched and dry
You thought you’d never
See any liquid again

How long have you felt thirst
But never quenched it

I’m always thirsty
And I always try to drink
But the beverages want
Someone else to consume them

My lips, always chapped
My heart, always dry

From the poetry collection Cats, Coffee, Catharsis.

Poetry Monday: Who has the Answers?

How do you tell
Someone you’re lonely
Without it sounding
Like you just
Want attention –
How do you make
Them understand
The depth of
The darkness
You feel inside –
How do you ask
Them how they
Feel about you
Without sounding
Needy and annoying –
How do you know
If your mind plays
Tricks on you or
If everyone around
You lies –
What if, despite
What they say
You’re not important
To anyone –
How do you survive –

From the poetry collection Cats, Coffee, Catharsis.

Tuesday Poetry: The Ethereal Stones

The wind scratched my face
Like dragon’s breath
My horse fell and died
From too much heat
My armor removed
Too hot to wear –
This enchanted stone
Keeps me alive
It conjures water
Into being
I hunt with my sword
Enough to live –
Banished to this land
I could not kill
The river serpent
That cunning demon
Plagues my kingdom –
The enchanted stones
Hold the power
To vanquish evil
But I have one –
One mage can find them
The Algonquin
Will I live in time
To find the stones

From the poetry collection Cats, Coffee, Catharsis.