One Thing to Consider When Attending a Protest

With the way things have escalated in Portland, and with authorities saying they will send these federal troops to other Democratic led cities, everyone needs to prepare for this in their own cities. I wish I didn’t have to say this at all. Whether you support the Second Amendment and have stockpiled weapons or are a pacifist who wants to fight for your freedom, there is one thing you should have if you don’t already. A Gas Mask. This is more important than weapons. It will protect you from Covid-19, but it’s also helpful against tear gas.

Tear gas, also called CS gas, is a chemical compound used as a non-lethal weapon to disarm and demobilize people. It irritates the skin, the eyes, the nose, and throat. Your skin feels like its burning. Your eye water and burn. You cough. All the mucus in your head comes out of your nose. It isn’t pleasant. You’ll survive. After about 15 minutes, you’ll feel better. Your sinuses will feel better too. With a gas mask, the chemical will still irritate your skin, but with a little resolve you can keep moving. You’ll still feel uncomfortable.

You may have seen photos from Portland of people in gas masks wielding hockey sticks to throw back tear gas canisters. Walls of people protecting each other from Federal Agents. This is what government oppression looks like. If you still support the Orange Nazi in the White House, you are against Democracy and Human Decency. You do not care for others and are selfish. There are a few other things that might be helpful when dealing with protests and unwarranted federal agents. These are optional so don’t feel obligated to get any of these things. Always have a gas mask.

Shield of some kind can protect you from rubber bullets. Shields are versatile in that you can protect yourself and use it to bash against something if needed. I recommend something that covers most of your body and can easily be swung around with one arm. Think of Captain America’s shield but longer so you don’t have to squat to cover your whole body. Armor may be necessary. This could be Kevlar or something as simple as the gear a baseball player wears in the position of catcher. Elbow pads and knee pads at a minimum will help if getting knocked down on the pavement.

If it can be arranged, having a water canon at your disposal can help your fellow citizens. Police have used this during riots with success and you may need something to push them back. This could be from a fire hydrant or fire truck. I only mean for this to be used if necessary. And I only mean this to be used against an Authoritarian State ruled by fascists. And the best course of action is a military tactic. Outnumber them three to one. The military always sends more troops than needed to ensure a victory. I know there are more citizens than federal agents. They can’t stop everyone.

I hope what’s happening in Portland stops soon and I hope it doesn’t happen in any other city. But I fear things will get worse before they get better. Stay safe out there. Fight the fascists. Never give up. Never surrender. This is our country and our home. We will take it back.

Five Things from This Day in History

For today, I thought I would share some things throughout history that I found interesting that happened on July 25. Many things happened on this day in all those years passed, but these are the few that caught my interest. We begin in 1853. Joaquin Murrieta, the famous Californian bandit known as “Robin Hood of El Dorado”, is killed by California Rangers. In 1919 Johnston McCulley read “The Life and Adventures of Joaquin Murrieta: The Celebrated California Bandit” by John Rollin Ridge and this inspired his fiction character Don Diego de la Vega, also known as Zorro.

In 1943, the 1st warship named after an African American launched, USS Leonard Roy Harmon, a Buckley class destroyer. Leonard Roy Harmon was an American Sailor who died during WWII and was awarded the Navy Cross for his valor. In 1972, US health officials concede African Americans were used as guinea pigs in a 40-year syphilis experiment. Given the current political climate of the United States, I felt both of these events were important as one celebrates African Americans and the other illustrates how they were still used by upper classes.

In 1984 Cosmonaut Svetlana Savitskaya became the first woman to walk in space. She was also the second woman to fly to space. Her spacewalk mission was aboard the Soyuz T-12. In 2019 “City killer” Asteroid 2019 OK passed by almost undetected at 187 to 427 feet (57 to 130 meters) just 45,000 miles (72,000 km) away from Earth, closer than the Moon. It was discovered the day before, July 24, 2019, it passed by Earth. It is uncommon for asteroids this size to pass within 100,000 km (62,000 miles) of Earth.

Wacky Wednesday: July 22

Welcome to another fun filled day of wacky words and wacky holidays. Our first word is a noun which refers to a glass jar for collecting small insects. It’s called a Pooter. One of my illiterate relatives would often refer to computers as pooters. The process involves sucking the insects through a small tube. I don’t know if this was ever practical. Next we have a rare word which describes something that is also rare. Agastopia refers to loving one part of someone’s body. They may protect it more than other parts or they may prefer to use it for tasks. Do you have a favorite part of your body?

We have a couple of food holidays and a couple not-food holidays today. We have National Hammock Day and National Rat Catcher’s Day. If you own a hammock, go enjoy it this evening. Rat Catcher’s Day commemorates the myth of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Our food holidays are National Penuche Fudge Day and National Hot Dog Day. Penuche Fudge is like any other fudge but often includes nuts. National Hot Dog Day occurs on a Wednesday in July every year. It was founded by the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council in 1991. Over 25 million hot dogs are sold at baseball stadiums each year. Maybe not this year (2020)? Have you enjoyed a hot dog today?