Snapshot Saturday: Dancer

This is one of my favorite photos. This is a statue in Tucson, AZ on the Historic Fourth Avenue near the underpass that leads downtown. I was experimenting with having backgrounds that were focused along with the foreground. It was a beautiful warm December day. I feel the statue looks more alive in this photo than seeing it in person. It’s beautiful either way. Now that’s two reasons to visit Tucson. The warm December days and to see the local artwork. There are many statues and murals. It’s worth visiting at least once.

Dancer. Dec 2019. f/10. 1/200. 110mm.

Snapshot Saturday: Broken Glass

We continue our adventure with Snapshot Saturday. I share some of my best photos I’ve taken with my Canon Rebel T7i camera. And you all like the posts and maybe comment how much you like the photos. Or offer to buy many prints of them and I become rich and famous. But I digress. To view more photos I’ve taken over the years, visit the Photography Page. If you have questions, feel free to comment or send me a message through the Contact Page.

Broken Glass. Mar 2020. f/10. 1/200. 18mm.

This photo is from downtown Tucson, AZ. One of the storefronts had a broken window. This was a couple months before the riots that happened in downtown Tucson. It may have been cause from an accident or vandals, who knows? I used the grayscale setting on the camera and the standard 18mm-55mm lens that came with the camera at purchase. The cracks gave a really nice effect with the reflection in the window. This was a few days before quarantine officially started.

Poetry Monday: When You’re Broke Downtown Still Feels Like the Place to Be

On the weekends
The best place to be
Is a coffee shop
Across the street
From a bar or club
In the heart of downtown
In whatever city

Sipping the coffee
While people watching – 
Those kids who think
Alcohol makes them cool
Those kids who think
Drunken idiots
Are their friends

All these kids do
Is work and party
How do they have
So much money – 
I could barely afford
This cup of coffee
But the night doesn’t end
With me crying

They’ll learn the hard way
When they stop drinking
Their so-called friends will leave
Maybe then they’ll do something
That benefits society
Or adds to our culture
Maybe then they’ll join me
For a cup of coffee

From the poetry collection Cats, Coffee, Catharsis.