Poetry Monday: When You’re Broke Downtown Still Feels Like the Place to Be

On the weekends
The best place to be
Is a coffee shop
Across the street
From a bar or club
In the heart of downtown
In whatever city

Sipping the coffee
While people watching – 
Those kids who think
Alcohol makes them cool
Those kids who think
Drunken idiots
Are their friends

All these kids do
Is work and party
How do they have
So much money – 
I could barely afford
This cup of coffee
But the night doesn’t end
With me crying

They’ll learn the hard way
When they stop drinking
Their so-called friends will leave
Maybe then they’ll do something
That benefits society
Or adds to our culture
Maybe then they’ll join me
For a cup of coffee

From the poetry collection Cats, Coffee, Catharsis.

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