Flashback Friday Poetry: A Satire

we are the Pearlites
we fight for what is Right
we see the Injustice
that overtakes our Seas
we conquer the Evil
that approaches our Reef

you claim to be Righteous
terror you say you Fight
you create more Danger
of which you try to Flee
you claim god Commands this
nothing breaks your Belief

we take on your Masses
we challenge with our Might
we defeat your Valor
betraying our own Creed
turning against our Code
with no Signs of Relief

Flashback Friday Poetry: Home is Your Creation

home is where the Heart is everyone knows
it’s the place you visit to regain Peace
but when you’ve lost your Heart, where do you go
running blindly through the Darkness so deep
the faster you run, the harder to Grow
They devour your Mind, yes every piece
the faster you Run the harder to grow
running Blindly through the darkness so deep
but when you’ve Lost your heart where do you go
it’s the Place you visit to regain peace
Home is where the heart is everyone Knows

Early poetry from James.