Flashback Friday Poetry: Letting Go

the creation of a child
such a wonderful thing
to bring a life into this world
can be gratifying
you want the best for your child
no harm for your offspring
but as they start to get older
they will fly from your wing
you may dislike when they rebel
they must be free to sing
if they never challenge your rule
or try to question things
they’ll never be their own person
they’ll never leave your wing

Flashback Friday Poetry: Drifter By Nature

every few years
i get this itch
to travel away
a new place to live
a new frontier
a new tent to pitch

there’s nothing wrong
with the old places
i just grow weary
of the same old things
a curse i live with
to find new faces

nothing to run from
no need to worry
enjoy the moment
there are so many
forever searching
for new discoveries

Flashback Friday Poetry: Ignorance Brings Evil

they come in the night while all are sleeping
to fight off the demons that come creeping
Guardians of Virtue are these creatures
battling for your soul against evil
roaming our land but are not visible

the demons they fight are demons of sin
with their temptations they swallow you in
to deviate you from your path to God
but the Guardians fight against your thoughts
and expel the demon back to the pit

Guardians cannot enter a man’s soul
neither can demons take over control
they can tempt you and persuade your own thoughts
those who have a strong mind will not succumb
to persuasion of thought; God’s Will be done