Flashback Friday Poetry: Lonesome Journey

nothing prepares you
for what is to come
nobody warns you
what you will become
conquer destiny
but can it be done
to learn how to live
learn how to have fun

i have tried so long
to make dreams come true
nobody told me
it’d be hard to do
to never give up
but i’m still confused
no one will listen
to my dreams; so few

the false hope of time
cradles so many
but the real truth is
time feels so empty
the push to go on
nothing prepares me
forever alone
will be my journey

Flashback Friday Poetry: Home is Your Creation

home is where the Heart is everyone knows
it’s the place you visit to regain Peace
but when you’ve lost your Heart, where do you go
running blindly through the Darkness so deep
the faster you run, the harder to Grow
They devour your Mind, yes every piece
the faster you Run the harder to grow
running Blindly through the darkness so deep
but when you’ve Lost your heart where do you go
it’s the Place you visit to regain peace
Home is where the heart is everyone Knows

Early poetry from James.