Throwback Thursday Poetry: Moonlit Serenade

the skies are black with clouds thick and white
twinkling white dots scatter the top
upon the earth the Beams shine so bright
a Moonlit Serenade plays tonight
sounds of sirens echo through the air
caused by the large full Orb in the sky
there is a Cleanliness with each breath
the Music that the city conducts
is heard by Luna in her white tux
the Dreamland some begin to spectate
it lasts only a moment in time
this Moonlit Serenade in the sky
but Luna will always remember
when she went for a dance in the night

Early poetry from James.

Spooky Poetry: And the Moon Wept

The brick walls in the alley
Bounced the sound around
Echoes – 
The bullet was a .357 magnum
It released from a
Double action silver plated
Colt Python Revolver
A custom bullet
Pure silver – 
It spiraled through the air
Chased by flames and smoke
Fading into nothing
As the bullet advanced
Glistening with moonlight
The full moon so bright
Illuminating the alley
To look like day – 
The beast’s breath steamed
From the cold air
Out from its snarling mouth
It turned to see
The silver bullet approach
No time to move – 
The bullet spiraled into
Fur and muscle
No pain at first
Then the burning of
Hot metal on skin
The burning radiating out – 
As gunshot echoes dispersed
They were followed by
A howl or a scream
The beast fell back
Clutching its furry chest
With a thud –
The fur shrank away
Revealing a pale man
Steam rising from his face
He looked at the blood
On his hand and chest – 
He cracked with laughter
The laughs ricocheting 
Through the alley
Then it stopped
As fast as it started
The steam evaporated

Previously unpublished.