What’s New Wednesday: March

There’s a lot of new stuff coming up. A few weeks ago, I announced a new collection of poetry was coming on April 13, Black Chaos. I’m still doing some stuff for promotion and am awaiting a couple reviews. Once I have those, I’ll share with everyone so you can see what others are saying about the collection. I have also had some bookmarks printed for the release of the new book. I should get those in the mail by next week. I have more details about those and other bookmarks I’ve designed later this month.

I will also expand the reach of the eBook for my short story collection, The Morbid Museum. KDP select end for that book on March 9. After that, I will include the book on other e-reader platforms. I have also redesigned the paperback cover, so it looks a little cleaner and I’ve put together a hardcover edition. I plan to get a few more reviews of the book to put quotes on the back cover of the hardcover and the new paperback. I expect to have these ready by the end of April or begging of May. I’ll have more details on that as we get closer.

The biggest change that’s coming to blog posts is our Wacky Wednesday words. Starting on March 17, I’ll focus on words from 1920’s slang. We’re gonna’ bring back the Roaring 20’s. The rest of the blog will have business as usual and I’m preparing for April and National Poetry Month. Once again, I’ll have a poem every single day as well as the other posts you’ve all come to enjoy like Wacky Wednesdays, Coffee and Contemplation, Snapshot Saturdays, etc…Are you excited? I’m excited. Let’s make sure we have fun this year.

What’s New Wednesday: February

I have several new things coming. Later this month, I’ll be announcing many things. I have set the date for the release of my next collection of poetry. Titled “Black Chaos,” will be published in eBook and paperback on April 13, 2021, during National Poetry Month. In the next couple weeks, I’ll post about the book and reveal the cover. I will also reveal a design for a bookmark to go along with the book release. I’ll be looking for feedback and opinions about the design of the bookmark before having hundreds of them printed. 

Speaking of bookmarks, I’m designing several different ones to have available for sale on my website. I have more ideas that I’m fleshing out, but soon I’ll have all kinds of bookmarks available. I also plan to have buttons made but this will be a little farther down the road when I have more money saved up. Coming later this year in the summer, to celebrate two years since the release of my short story collection “The Morbid Museum,” I’ll have a new hardcover edition available which will have a different variant cover.

There will be some slight changes to the paperback cover as well, but it will mostly look the same. I may even offer the eBook of “The Morbid Museum” on Nook, but I haven’t decided when I want to do that. The stories and content of the collection will remain the same. It’s only the covers that will be different. The cover of the eBook will remain the same. Those are the major new things. More details for all these things will be announced as we get closer to those dates. If you would like an ARC in digital form of my forthcoming collection of poetry, please contact me and we can work out the details.

What’s New Wednesday: October 7

What kinds of new things are happening at this blog? There will be a little bit of spooky poetry now and then. Not every day but a few will pop up. I’m still thinking of some fun spooky things for the day of Halloween. Feel free to leave ideas in the comments. The biggest new thing is my weekly serialized fiction. The first part of Hellpets dropped last Friday. Part two is coming this Friday. Another part will be added to the story every Friday until the end of November. I plan to have a new serialized story starting in December. Stay tuned for more details.

Most things on the blog are staying the same. There will be fun national holidays to celebrate. Discussions about other holidays or other celebrations. All in all, it’s business as usual. I’m planning on setting aside more time to work on (and hopefully finish) writing my first novel. I have about two-thirds finished of the first draft and want it to be done. Also, a quick reminder, as it is spooky season be sure to check out my collection of horror fiction “The Morbid Museum.” Find it in paperback and eBook on Amazon. It is included in Kindle Unlimited. You can buy a signed copy from me in my Shop, but shipping will cost a little more than if you have Amazon Prime with free shipping. Enjoy the spooky season.