What’s New Wednesday: Aug 5

It’s a new month and we’re getting closer to being finished with the year from Hell. What’s new with me? I’m hoping to move into a new apartment by the end of September. I also need to catch up on my reading as I’ve gotten a few new books. What’s new with the blog? Well every Saturday this month I’ve scheduled some Protest Poetry. This is my version of nonviolent resistance with the current events happening in the United States. A couple of these poems are unpublished so this is the first time anyone will read them. I’m excited. Are you excited?

As usual, I have all my other poetry posts and Wacky Wednesdays will continue. I’m focusing on a few other holidays for the Coffee and Contemplation segment. I enjoy having some coffee and talking about these things. I also plan to have one post detailing some of my work I post on here. I want to explain what’s new and what stuff is old and I plan to never post again once I get through it all. I’m curious to know what you all think. Do you want to see more of one thing and something different? The goal is to continue building up this blog until I have at least three posts every day. That’s a lot for me right now. So, tell me what’s new with all of you.

What’s New Wednesday: July 1

Overall, not much is changing for the website this month. I’m sticking with the usual things as my pageviews each month continue to grow. We broke 500 pageviews for the month of June. Woot! I’ve stepped away from most social media to focus on the blog and website and things. I would like to have more videos on my YouTube Channel, but I don’t plan to work on any of that for the moment. I’m in the process of searching for a new apartment. That’s taking up most of my time this week.

Some new things I’m trying will include special blog posts. This is not your regularly scheduled programming. A couple extra posts here or there along with the usual things. I have a post every single day and now I’m expanding to throw in two posts a day. Maybe only once a week, but we shall see. If I feel the need to write something, I will write and post it. You’ll just have to read it and tell all your friends. I would enjoy hearing from you kind readers of my blog what you would like to read more about. Be it a specific topic or something random and new, I want to hear from you.

At some point I will try some new advertising and marketing avenues for my books. They fit my budget and perhaps cost to profit ratio will improve. I always get results, but the sales never justify the cost. I’ll let folks know how that goes in a post somewhere in the future. I hope to have many new things to talk about in August. It’s just around the corner but it still feels so far away. I’m sure the world will see several more disasters between now and then. I’m still convinced a ragtag team of special ops Bees took down the murder hornet threat. That’s why they disappeared.

What’s New Wednesday: May 6

There are a number of new things I’m rolling out for this blog. The first minor change is the regular Tuesday post. The Twofer Tuesday format wasn’t working as well as the other days of the week. Instead of two poems, I’m only posting one and calling it Tuesday Poetry. I’m also attempting to have more nonfiction. I guess one could call these normal blog posts such as this one. I’m trying some new things. Some stuff I’m trying to write more often and I’m throwing out some tips and things for writers.

We’ll see how many of these new things work well enough to stick around. Other new stuff. I’m working on multiple projects. One criticism I’ve gotten about my poetry books is there are often random things that don’t fit the theme of the book. I’m trying to focus more on theme consistency and therefore have two poetry books in progress. I have also written over half of the first draft of my novel “The Hook.” And I’ve started outlining what will become my next novel. I’m also developing another short story collection but have written no short stories at the moment. 

Those are the basic new things for May. We’ll see how these new post ideas work. If they don’t, I have some new ideas for June. If they do, well I’ll do my best to keep them going. If there is anything you all would like to see more of or something new you want to see on this blog, leave a comment and tell me what you think. Feedback is always appreciated.