Tuesday Poetry: Man Up

I fight to keep myself strong
but years of wear and tear break through
as I sob on your shoulder.  Feeling like
the smallest ounce of a man
who has nothing left but excuses
and a negative attitude that
drive you away from me,
as more tears form and roll
down my face.  It was easier
when I was small because I knew so few
things about the world and could
throw away my feelings as ignorance.
Perhaps this was bad, preventing me
from actually learning to cope with
everything thrown in my path.
I didn’t know you then but I
like to think we would have been friends,
playing and exploring together.
Pulsating positive vibes to each
other, helping one another grow
and mature into strong, independent,
capable adults.  Can we help each other
now before we spiral into chaos?

Poetry Monday: Burn

what else is there to do
but watch the world Burn
society will destroy it
as I watch in the crowd
maybe I’ll Instigate
just so I can have Fun
take all the money
the cars and the trinkets
all trivial things in the world
and Burn them to ash
what will you fight over
I’m sure you’ll find something
and if you do
I’ll be waiting to Burn you – Inside and Out

Flashback Friday Poetry: Emotional Prison

why is it so easy to build,
this wall that surrounds me.
why are so many willing to
give bricks to help it rise?
to make it thicker and harder
to enter, or escape –
i was willing to give so much,
but no one could return
or wanted to give back to me.
no one wants what i have.
so i will continue to build
this emotional tomb,
rusting away; feeding on hate