Free eBook Fridays: June

This month for our Free eBook Fridays, we feature Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry. This is a compilation of all the poetry I wrote from 2002 to 2016. There are over 250 poems in this collection. That’s a lot! Most poetry collections only feature about 50 or 60 poems. Why is this one so large? This was everything I wrote when I first began my writing journey. Most of this poetry is nothing like the poetry I write today. However, I am still fond of many of the poems in this collection and I want to share it with you. 

Think of this more like a coffee table book. Read a poem or two then put it down until another time. It could be something for guests to read or to keep in an office waiting room. This free download is intended to build awareness about my work and encourage people unfamiliar with my work to give it a try. I ask for nothing more than a brief review. This could be as simple as “I liked this book” or even “I did not enjoy this book.” The more reviews the book gets, the more people see it in searches. Sadly, that’s how the world works. I hope you enjoy it.

The complete collection of poetry by James Pack. The poetry in this collection was written between 2002-2016. Gripping poems of a struggling youth and fantastical fictional narrative poetry for all ages. Pariah Bound comprises all the emotions and dreams of a young man still discovering his place in this world. With over 250 poems, there is something for everyone in this complete collection. 

I had intended not to write poetry after this work. That is why my poetry now is different and I think I’ve finally found my voice.

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Throwback Thursday Poetry: Desires

my Desires keep me strong
they give me the urge to continue on
without them i would surely be lost
lost in a world where pain never stops
it is with these deep dark Thoughts
that i make my life have meaning
trying to balance my emotions with reasoning
i now cross the fire
the fire of my burning Desires
it is a horrible place to see
such wonderful Fantasies
why are all my Dreams
hidden by such a hideous place
perhaps so They cannot escape
running, running through the land
of the misshapen man
no reason to go on at all
not when my Dreams can’t run afar

Early poetry from James. From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.