Poetry Monday: Feminism Isn’t Scary

Guys are dumb
Because the word has “Fem”
They think it means

It means pro-equality
The goal isn’t to create
A matriarchy

However, feminism
Should not be a label
To throw on someone
Negatively or positively

Leave titles and labels
And statistics
And classifications
To the scholars

If a woman hates men
Don’t call her a feminist
Ask her why she does
Always ask questions

If she says men did this or that
To the world, not to her
She has a right to be angry
But take it with a grain of salt

If she tells you a story
Of something someone did to her
Listen and thank her
For having the courage to share

If you don’t understand the anger
Even after asking why
You’re one of the people
Feminism fights against

Stop judging the anger
Stop feeling attacked
Ask to hear the stories
Maybe you’ll learn something

From the poetry collection Men Are Garbage.

Poetry Monday: Nowhere to Go

I don’t want to go home,
So, I wander to nowhere;
Sweaty and tired,
Thinking of one thing.
I don’t want to be anywhere
Because I’m afraid I’m not wanted.
And the more I think
The more I want to go to one place.
I can’t go there;
Not without permission.
So, I wander,
Sweaty and tired,
To be anywhere but home.

From the poetry collection Men Are Garbage.