Poetry Monday: Random Thoughts

Aardvarks are cool
when swimming the Mississippi
while reciting Red, Red Rose
running from a Rose of Sharon
Rocket Rollerblades are cool
especially with a Mohawk
except on Wall Street
but Kait and John don’t care
Pencils can be vicious
when you live in Paris, Texas
fighting Paris Hilton
with a bag of marbles
screeching from the page
words hushing reality

Poetry Monday: Nora

i’m so sorry my dear
i could not save you
i have been imprisoned
unable to complete the research
to find the cure
to save your life

it doesn’t matter
nothing left of me
is the man you love
only bitter cold
and anger towards people
you wouldn’t love me

my humanity is gone
i’m just a monster now
feeling no emotions
except love for you
how i long for the day
when you warm my heart again

Poetry Monday: Words

i’ve spent a lifetime searching for words
words for fun; words for play; the right words
the words i write are usually bad
sometimes they are great; sometimes they’re sad
i put too much thought in words i say
thinking of words makes me lose my way
sitting here alone with only words
i’ve spent a lifetime searching for words
time to stop searching; it’s time to speak