Poetry Monday: Standing Before Jesus

I never wanted to hurt you
I never wanted you to cry
but I just couldn’t understand it all
I chose to take my own life

I went up to heaven
though I didn’t know why
I went and stood before Jesus
and he began to cry

he said, why’d you go and do it
condemn your soul to fry
standin’ there right in front of Jesus
I couldn’t muster the reply

he turned his back to me
knowing I couldn’t be saved
I fell to my knees in front of Jesus
Your sweetness was the only thing I craved

I have damned my soul to the fire
wishing I could try again
to go and stand before Jesus
and ask him to relieve Your pain

Poetry Monday: Burn

what else is there to do
but watch the world Burn
society will destroy it
as I watch in the crowd
maybe I’ll Instigate
just so I can have Fun
take all the money
the cars and the trinkets
all trivial things in the world
and Burn them to ash
what will you fight over
I’m sure you’ll find something
and if you do
I’ll be waiting to Burn you – Inside and Out