Poetry Monday: Not Happy

inside of my mind
lives a man who wants to cry
he can’t take all the lies
he feels like quitting all the time

i think he’s not happy

inside of my mind
lives a man who wants to die
he lives alone inside his eyes
he can’t take his pitiful life

i think he’s not happy

the man inside always tries
to make the best of his life
the emptiness inside his head
is his best and only friend

i think he’s not happy

Poetry Monday: The Window of Dreams

do you see him there
the freak of nature
within his window
the world which he sees
its fabricated
his own fantasy
that draws them nearer
to spectate and gawk
cursed is his window
he may never leave|
and none may enter
imprisoned within
his reality
imprisoned inside
the world that he weaved
his one wish and dream
is to share his world
if only to one
solitary soul
but his dream must fade
for no hope has he
the window won’t break
but broken is he

Poetry Monday: Meagles, Penses & Beazers…Oh My!

Here’s some nonsense poetry for your reading pleasure.

the tallest sray of a Meagle’s flay
is heard in Carperest Fowns
a Penses way with reagle clay
cannot keep his shrieving mown

with Penses and Meagles kept at bay
the Homelin can settle down
but with nothing else to lead away
the Limehon cannot be found

such is the way of the Beazer’s prey
the wish of not being found
but the Homelin isn’t led astray
and will bring that Beazer down

Meagles, Penses, Beazers and their prey
love the Limehon in the town
they hate the Homelin right to this day
for he wears the Human Crown