A New eBook Coming Soon

Another installment of the Dollar Tales Series will drop next month. This short eBook features four short stories and an introduction by the Morbid Museum Curator, Siris Grim. This collection features various monsters and things without names. Stories in the “Creatures Exhibit” include tales of aliens, genetically mutated humans, and giant turtles skilled in martial arts. The scheduled release is April 23, 2019 (Shakespeare’s birthday). Preorder Dollar Tales from the Morbid Museum: Creatures on Amazon for Kindle today. To get a taste of what the Morbid Museum has to offer, download Dollar Tales from the Morbid Museum: Flash Fiction on Amazon for free this Friday, March 22, 2019 only.

This is the third installment of the Dollar Tales series. Each of these short collections will be combined to create one paperback. With each eBook in this series, I have been able to strengthen the concept I have for this collection. The paperback will include stories not featured in these short eBooks as well as previously unpublished works. Reviews are always appreciated.

Welcome to the Creatures Exhibit. Visitors to the Morbid Museum seek the dark and twisted corners of the world. They are both terrified and intrigued by the unknown. Tales of killers, monsters, and madmen are curated by the Master of Death, Mr. Siris Grim. Mr. Grim collects the darkness that everyone attempts to hide and displays it within the corridors of his gruesome gallery. Who will be next to purchase a ticket and walk the halls of the Morbid Museum?

Fiction Friday: Clyde

As if he shifted places in a dream, Clyde found himself in a dark, small room.  His surroundings looked unfamiliar.  He gazed up and saw strange markings in the sky.

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What is that?He thought.  He surveyed the room, which had only one small door.  Others stood with him.  Their complexions appeared different from his orange tone; one blue and one pink.  They looked just as confused as Clyde.  The pink one nearest him spoke first.

“You must be new.  Hi, I’m Pinky.  What’s your name?”  Clyde hesitated to answer at first.  Something about the strange place made him feel uncomfortable.

“I’m…I’m Clyde.  Do you know where we are?”

“We’re about to start the mission.  Special Ops stuff.  You’ll get the hang of it.  Just stick with Inky over here.  He’ll show you the ropes.”  Pinky gestured to the blue fellow behind him.  Inky seemed too nervous to speak and averted his eyes when Clyde looked at him.

The main door opened and another person, this one colored red, entered the small room.  He looked angry and hardened from something that Clyde did not know.  He had never seen anyone look so mean.

“I see you’ve all met the new recruit, Clyde. Welcome Private!  I’m Blinky your Commanding Officer.  You’ve met Pinky, my Lieutenant, and Inky, my Sergeant and your trainer for today.  We’re starting light for this exercise for the new guy’s sake.  Just remember one thing Clyde.  KILL THE YELLOW BASTARD!”

Blinky opened the door and ran off.  The others followed and Clyde waited a moment.  Who or what is the Yellow Bastard?  He walked out slowly.  He did not see anyone but he could hear Blinky shouting.


Clyde could only see a corridor.  He turned to the right.  There were several yellow pellets floating in the air at Clyde’s eye level.  What are these puck things?  Every turn Clyde made only brought him more questions than answers.  He saw a large cherry float by and decided to go back to the room he came from.  I don’t want to know what’s going on, this shit is too weird for me.

At that moment, he turned blue and started racing back towards the room.  He could not understand why he changed or why he moved so fast.  He began to enter the room when he saw a pair of eyes coming around the corner.  They blinked and darted into the room.  Clyde followed.  Once in the room, the eyes grew a body around them.  Inky, breathing fast and heavy.  Clyde’s body flashed white and blue than went back to his orange color.

“What the hell is going on?”  Clyde asked getting very agitated.

“There’s a giant yellow creature that eats the yellow pellets.  If he eats the big ones than he can eat us too but only for a short time.  We have to kill him before he can eat us.”  Inky said still catching his breath.

“How are we supposed to do that?”  Clyde seemed more confused now.

“Just follow me.”

Inky led Clyde out into the corridor again. There were heading to the left when Clyde saw the Yellow Bastard running down the other corridor.  A giant ball with a huge mouth, sharp teeth protruding with slime and spit dripping off them and tiny, beady black eyes.  Blinky was right behind the monster shouting.


Shortly after, Clyde rounded the corner and saw where Pinky had hit the monster and it looked like the Yellow Bastard imploded. I’m glad that’s over.  Clyde thought.

“Get ready for the next one kid.”  Blinky said as they all moved back to the room with one door.

“What next one?”  Clyde asked.  He looked up in the sky and saw the strange marking again.  They looked a little different this time. 

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“LET’S GO!”  Blinky shouted and they all hurried out of the room again.  Again, Clyde hesitated.  He heard everyone shouting again.  He rounded the corner at the end of the corridor.  The Yellow Bastard charged towards him.  He froze.  Shit!

From the short fiction collection “Dollar Tales From the Morbid Museum: Flash Fiction.” Available for free on Kindle on March 22, 2019 only.

New Books Coming 2019

After many hours (and tears), I have several stories finished. I’m sure I could edit even more, but I’ve decided its time to move on and leave them as they are. Are they publishing worthy? The writing is better than most books out on the shelves, but I’m not well known so no one wants to offer me the chance. No worries, I’ll keep writing until I’m dead. I have one more story I want to go over one more time and then all I have are stories that I need to finish writing. I’ve been putting them off to finish editing. A vicious cycle.

Coming January 22, 2019, I’m publishing my first novella, “The Tommy Gun.” I wrote this in November 2017 for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and was pleased with my success at writing so much. Does that mean the story is great? You be the judge. Either way, it’s finished, and I can move on to writing my first novel. My novella is just under 50,000 and I want my novel to be around 85,000 to 90,000 words. Wish me luck. I’m adjusting small formatting issues with the eBook and Paperback, but once that’s all finished, I’ll post more details about “The Tommy Gun.”

Coming April 23, 2019, I’m publishing the next installment of my Dollar Tales eBook series. “Dollar Tales from the Morbid Museum: Creatures” will include five short stories including my take on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, except they’re not teenagers anymore. Some call this Fan-Fiction, I call it fiction. One of the stories is a continuation of Siris Grim Letters, the curator of the Morbid Museum. This eBook series is building up to the full short story collection “The Morbid Museum” which part of me hopes to finish by next October. I have three stories to finish and edit.

Also, my goal is to have a couple more stories published through online magazines before publishing a paperback of the full collection. I have published three stories online, you can find links to them in the sidebar, and hope to have more published soon. I have another flash fiction story that was published but it will not be included in this collection. I am also working on the next collection of poetry but as yet do not have a publication date. I also intend to have a few poems published in magazines before the next collection is published.

I have this ambitious project of analyzing horror fiction, specifically supernatural fiction and I don’t feel I have to time to focus on it the way I should. For now, I’ll use this as a list of things to read and watch and cross things off my list as I go with maybe a short summary or writeup of my thoughts. That will at least get me started and help me keep going. I can do that with many of the titles on my large list, I just have little motivation to do anything. C’est la vie!