National Ghost Hunting Day

Have you been on a ghost hunt? I don’t mean a game or party favor. I mean a legit, real ghost hunt. To celebrate those folks who enjoy lurking in abandoned houses and old chapels, National Ghost Hunting Day was started back in 2016. It happens every year on the last Saturday of September. And what perfect timing as that’s right when spooky season really takes off. Folks at organize the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt. Their premiere event. They have satellite teams throughout the country to coordinate the coast-to-coast simultaneous hunt.

Visit their website to learn how to participate or volunteer for next year. If you’ve ever wanted to live one of your favorite Scooby Doo episodes, or if you’re a fan of the Ghostfacers from the Supernatural TV show, now you have a place to do it. Get yourself into the spooky season and check out this National Ghost Hunt. Even if you think such things are a hoax, you can still have a spooky time with friends. So, go out there and keep it spooky.

Spooky Stories in Online Magazines

I am excited to tell everyone about the several stories I’ve had published to online magazines. As I mostly write horror fiction, it felt obvious that many stories would be published in the month of October. And to continue the spooky season, I am sharing the links to these stories on my blog. I have shared the links on my social media and some of you may have already seen these, but I want everyone to know. These stories will also be included in my forthcoming collection of short fiction “Morbid Museum.”

The first story published was “The Demon’s Favor” as a feature in the October issue of Uncaged Book Reviews on page 40. They primarily publish reviews of horror novels, but on occasion offer some short fiction. The next story, “Ceres” was entered into a contest on The Bold Mom Blog. The Bold Mom is a horror promoter. The submissions for the contest end on October 23 and that’s when voting begins. There are currently 30 entries and will possibly have more. I post a link when the voting starts so you all can vote more my story “Ceres” which is about pirates and hungry creatures.

My most recent publication was “Where the Bullfrogs Gather” on Jitter Press. This story is featured online and will be part of a printed collection. Details about the paperback edition are coming soon. I’ll let you all know when it’s available. My collection of short fiction won’t be ready until I finish a few more stories, but I will have another eBook available soon featuring a few short stories. I also have my novella “The Tommy Gun” in final editing stages. Just in the writing world I have a lot going on. The rest of my life is busy too. Happy spooky reading!