Wacky Wednesday: October 21

There are some interesting things to discuss today. We have a new list of words to go through. Many of these in the coming weeks are insults for people. Some of them like our first word are obsolete. Abydocomist is a noun meaning a liar or sycophant who boasts of his falsehood. Does that sound like anyone we know in the USA? Next is another noun. Bedswerver refers to someone who is unfaithful to the marriage vow. Again, does this sound like anyone we know in the USA? Tell me what you think of this new list of words in the comments.

Today has many holidays attached to it. The first occurs on the Wednesday of the third business week in October. That’s a mouthful. That is Medical Assistants Recognition Day. There are several holidays that occur on the third Wednesday of October. Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce DayHagfish Day celebrating the odd-looking creature, and BRA Day which recognizes Breast Reconstruction Awareness for those who have had the reconstruction after a mastectomy. Today is also National Reptile Awareness Day and the most important day, National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day. Observe one or all of these days in whatever way you wish.

And try out those new words in conversation. I do not recommend that you accuse anyone with one of those two words. It might not go well after you define the words for others.

Wacky Wednesday: October 14

Today is extra wacky with all the things we have to talk about. Our first word for the day is a noun with an unusual meaning. Yarborough is a term used in card games like bridge or whist referring to a hand with no ace and no card higher than nine. It is said to be named after an Earl of Yarborough, who bet 1000 to one against the occurrence of such a hand. Zoanthropy, another noun, is a monomania in which a person believes they have changed into an animal and act like one. This is similar to lycanthropy where someone believes they are a werewolf. 

For our holidays today, there are so many. There are several which fall only on the second Wednesday of the month; National Curves Day recognizing plus sized women and men, National Emergency Nurse’s DayNational Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work/School Day, and National Stop Bullying Day. The Wednesday of the second full week of October is National Fossil Day. Today is also National Dessert DayBe Bald and Be Free Day celebrating people rocking the no hair look, and National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day. That’s a lot of things to celebrate but I have faith in all of you. But let’s be honest the most exciting celebration is fossils. Who doesn’t like fossils?

Wacky Wednesday: October 7

Welcome to the first Wacky Wednesday of October. We have some weird words today. They’re wackier than usual. Nothing spooky though, if you’re worried. First up we have a noun that is the name of a shoe. Winklepicker is a style of shoe or boot worn by British rock and roll fans from the 1950s onward. It’s a shoe with a pointed toe to resemble medieval footwear. Our next word is a verb. Xertz (pronounced ‘zertz’) means to gulp something down quickly and/or in a greedy fashion. It can be used for eating but is most commonly used for drinking.

We have several food related holidays today. National Chocolate Covered Pretzel Day and National Frappe Day. Don’t order a Frappe at Starbucks. They sell Frappuccinos and they trademarked the term. Frappes are at McDonalds. The first Wednesday of October is also National Pumpkin Seed Day. Today is also National LED Light Day and the first Wednesday of October is National Walk to School Day and National Coffee with a Cop Day. Maybe the cop would like a Frappe. Most important of all, today is National Inner Beauty Day. This holiday is to raise awareness and support victims of human trafficking. If you can only celebrate one thing today, I’d celebrate National Inner Beauty Day.