Wacky Wednesday: June 3

I’m trying something a little new this month with the Wacky Wednesday. We’ll have a couple fun words and then some fun holiday celebrations. Every day of the year has one or more weird things to celebrate. What sort of things could one possibly celebrate on June 3? Well, the first Wednesday of June is National Running Day. I’m didn’t go for a run and I suspect you haven’t either, so we’ll just skip that one. However, if you are a runner, I’m sure you’re celebrating in your own way and I hope you enjoy it.

Our first word is Argle-Bargle. Yes, it’s supposed to be hyphenated. This is a noun meaning “copious or meaningless talk or writing; nonsense.” One could argue that these Wacky Wednesday posts are argle-bargle. One could also argue that a certain public figure in the United States does nothing but speak argle-bargle. The next word is Bibliopole. Another noun meaning “a person who buys and sells books, especially rare ones.” I think that one is self-explanatory and doesn’t need examples. Go to any used bookstore and you’ll find many a bibliopole.

Most of the National holidays for June 3 revolve around food. The first is National Egg Day. Do you enjoy eggs for breakfast? Why not have some with lunch, dinner, supper, or maybe a Second Breakfast? Enjoy eggs all day! The next is National Chocolate Macaroon Day. That sounds like a lovely snack to have after having eggs with your supper. And finally, we have National Repeat Day. Some may repeat daily habits such as washing the dishes twice. Or they’ll repeat words and phrases like saying hello twice when greeting someone. You can also relive a fun day out with friends or family. Tell me what you did to celebrate these holidays in the comments. Enjoy! Enjoy!

Wacky Wednesday: May 27

I’m bringing you a few more fun words for today’s Wacky Wednesday. See if you can find ways to use these words in regular conversation and mess with your friends. Our first word is one many of you may have heard before. Discombobulate means to confuse, upset, or frustrate someone. Many of you may recall when Robert Downey Jr portrayed Sherlock Holmes (2009) and he used the word a couple of times. It is also the title of one of the compositions from Hans Zimmer for the film. It’s a fun song with violins and harpsichords.

Bumptious is an adjective which means offensively self-assertive or proud. I’m certain we’ve all met someone who was overly bumptious. Most often I’ve seen drunks and young boys like this. It is pronounced in a similar fashion as scrumptious or conscious. Absquatulate is a verb meaning to leave abruptly or to flee or abscond. Imagine a thief running from a place they had robbed. I’ll have more words to share and I’m in search of fun wacky stories to share. If you have any, I hope you’ll share them with me in the comments. Remember to say hello to your local Wild Wacky Inflatable Tube Man.

Wacky Wednesday: May 20

It’s another day of wacky words to help expand your vocabulary and forget your troubles. We have a few fun words today. The first is Catawampus. This word has various spellings and pronunciations. Some say kittywampus, cattywampus, or caddywampus. The word is an adjective with two different meanings. The first is fierce, savage, or destructive. And the other is askew, awry, or cater-cornered. I still say catty-cornered. The second definition is most often how I hear the word used. The origin of the word is unknown, but many believe it came from the Scottish word “wampish” meaning wriggle, twist, or swerve.

Our next word is a noun from the American West. Foofaraw has two meaning. A great deal of fuss or attention given to a minor matter or it could mean showy frills added unnecessarily. The origin of this word is also unknown but may have been derived from French or Spanish. Then we have Hornswoggle. A verb which means to get the better of someone by cheating, swindling, or deception. A hoax. A con. This word also has an unknown origin. And don’t confuse it with the American Professional Wrestler of the same name.

Do you know any other fun, wacky words? Leave them in the comments. I’ll try to have a few new words each week.