Wacky Wednesday: March 17

For today’s Wacky Wednesday, we are starting with a new list of words. We now begin our trek into 1920’s slang. We’re bringing some of these terms back for the 2020’s. Many of these have short definitions so you’re getting many of them at once. First, we have Alderman which means a man’s potbelly. Next is Ameche (I’m not sure about pronunciation), which stood for a telephone. Then we have Ankle which has two meanings. As a verb is means to walk. As a noun is means a woman. And as a nice segue, our last word for the day is Babe which also refers to a woman.

For our holidays today, we all know it’s St. Patrick’s Day and I’m not going to get into the history or origins because there are a thousand other places you can find that info. If you don’t like research, we can’t be friends. Our token food holiday is National Corned Beef and Cabbage Day. This is appropriate for all the “Irish for a day” folks out there. I happen to be 10% Irish, so my celebrations have a different meaning this year. And finally, on the third Wednesday of March every year, it’s National Small Business Development Centers Day. SBDCs support entrepreneurs in the pursuit of small business ownership. Have a drink for the folks who’ve been helping small businesses since 1976.

Wacky Wednesday: January 6

Welcome to the first wacky day of the new year. This one will be lots of fun. There are still several old English insults that we haven’t covered so let’s keep that trend going. Our first word is Mumblecrust. A mumblecrust is a toothless beggar and is derived from the name of a stock character in medieval theatrical farces. Our second word is Quisby. This is someone who shirks from work or lays around. In Victorian English, doing quisby meant the same thing. These insults don’t roll of the tongue like many others, but it can be fun to call someone a name and have them not know what it means.

There are several holidays today. For our token food holidays we have National Shortbread Day, this refers to the shortbread cookie of Scottish origin, and National Bean Day. Though this day is intended to celebrate the beans we usually eat; kidney, red, soy, etc…I also like to think of it as another day to celebrate the coffee bean. I do enjoy adding beans to soups as well. Today is also National Technology Day celebrating all things technology from smartphones to vehicles. And today is National Cuddle Up Day. January is the coldest month of the year and this day encourages everyone to cuddle up with loved ones for the many health benefits. Enjoy some shortbread as you cuddle with your significant other or even your pet. It’s always a good time for cuddles.

Wacky Wednesday: October 14

Today is extra wacky with all the things we have to talk about. Our first word for the day is a noun with an unusual meaning. Yarborough is a term used in card games like bridge or whist referring to a hand with no ace and no card higher than nine. It is said to be named after an Earl of Yarborough, who bet 1000 to one against the occurrence of such a hand. Zoanthropy, another noun, is a monomania in which a person believes they have changed into an animal and act like one. This is similar to lycanthropy where someone believes they are a werewolf. 

For our holidays today, there are so many. There are several which fall only on the second Wednesday of the month; National Curves Day recognizing plus sized women and men, National Emergency Nurse’s DayNational Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work/School Day, and National Stop Bullying Day. The Wednesday of the second full week of October is National Fossil Day. Today is also National Dessert DayBe Bald and Be Free Day celebrating people rocking the no hair look, and National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day. That’s a lot of things to celebrate but I have faith in all of you. But let’s be honest the most exciting celebration is fossils. Who doesn’t like fossils?