Wacky Wednesday: October 14

Today is extra wacky with all the things we have to talk about. Our first word for the day is a noun with an unusual meaning. Yarborough is a term used in card games like bridge or whist referring to a hand with no ace and no card higher than nine. It is said to be named after an Earl of Yarborough, who bet 1000 to one against the occurrence of such a hand. Zoanthropy, another noun, is a monomania in which a person believes they have changed into an animal and act like one. This is similar to lycanthropy where someone believes they are a werewolf. 

For our holidays today, there are so many. There are several which fall only on the second Wednesday of the month; National Curves Day recognizing plus sized women and men, National Emergency Nurse’s DayNational Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work/School Day, and National Stop Bullying Day. The Wednesday of the second full week of October is National Fossil Day. Today is also National Dessert DayBe Bald and Be Free Day celebrating people rocking the no hair look, and National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day. That’s a lot of things to celebrate but I have faith in all of you. But let’s be honest the most exciting celebration is fossils. Who doesn’t like fossils?

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