Fiction Friday: Clyde

As if he shifted places in a dream, Clyde found himself in a dark, small room.  His surroundings looked unfamiliar.  He gazed up and saw strange markings in the sky.

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What is that?He thought.  He surveyed the room, which had only one small door.  Others stood with him.  Their complexions appeared different from his orange tone; one blue and one pink.  They looked just as confused as Clyde.  The pink one nearest him spoke first.

“You must be new.  Hi, I’m Pinky.  What’s your name?”  Clyde hesitated to answer at first.  Something about the strange place made him feel uncomfortable.

“I’m…I’m Clyde.  Do you know where we are?”

“We’re about to start the mission.  Special Ops stuff.  You’ll get the hang of it.  Just stick with Inky over here.  He’ll show you the ropes.”  Pinky gestured to the blue fellow behind him.  Inky seemed too nervous to speak and averted his eyes when Clyde looked at him.

The main door opened and another person, this one colored red, entered the small room.  He looked angry and hardened from something that Clyde did not know.  He had never seen anyone look so mean.

“I see you’ve all met the new recruit, Clyde. Welcome Private!  I’m Blinky your Commanding Officer.  You’ve met Pinky, my Lieutenant, and Inky, my Sergeant and your trainer for today.  We’re starting light for this exercise for the new guy’s sake.  Just remember one thing Clyde.  KILL THE YELLOW BASTARD!”

Blinky opened the door and ran off.  The others followed and Clyde waited a moment.  Who or what is the Yellow Bastard?  He walked out slowly.  He did not see anyone but he could hear Blinky shouting.


Clyde could only see a corridor.  He turned to the right.  There were several yellow pellets floating in the air at Clyde’s eye level.  What are these puck things?  Every turn Clyde made only brought him more questions than answers.  He saw a large cherry float by and decided to go back to the room he came from.  I don’t want to know what’s going on, this shit is too weird for me.

At that moment, he turned blue and started racing back towards the room.  He could not understand why he changed or why he moved so fast.  He began to enter the room when he saw a pair of eyes coming around the corner.  They blinked and darted into the room.  Clyde followed.  Once in the room, the eyes grew a body around them.  Inky, breathing fast and heavy.  Clyde’s body flashed white and blue than went back to his orange color.

“What the hell is going on?”  Clyde asked getting very agitated.

“There’s a giant yellow creature that eats the yellow pellets.  If he eats the big ones than he can eat us too but only for a short time.  We have to kill him before he can eat us.”  Inky said still catching his breath.

“How are we supposed to do that?”  Clyde seemed more confused now.

“Just follow me.”

Inky led Clyde out into the corridor again. There were heading to the left when Clyde saw the Yellow Bastard running down the other corridor.  A giant ball with a huge mouth, sharp teeth protruding with slime and spit dripping off them and tiny, beady black eyes.  Blinky was right behind the monster shouting.


Shortly after, Clyde rounded the corner and saw where Pinky had hit the monster and it looked like the Yellow Bastard imploded. I’m glad that’s over.  Clyde thought.

“Get ready for the next one kid.”  Blinky said as they all moved back to the room with one door.

“What next one?”  Clyde asked.  He looked up in the sky and saw the strange marking again.  They looked a little different this time. 

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“LET’S GO!”  Blinky shouted and they all hurried out of the room again.  Again, Clyde hesitated.  He heard everyone shouting again.  He rounded the corner at the end of the corridor.  The Yellow Bastard charged towards him.  He froze.  Shit!

From the short fiction collection “Dollar Tales From the Morbid Museum: Flash Fiction.” Available for free on Kindle on March 22, 2019 only.

Fiction Friday: TG #1

            I can’t do anything yet. If I act too soon, everything will fall apart. I’m not making the same mistakes. I learned to be more patient since you last saw me. I learned more than patience; so much more.
            I need one guard to walk a little closer. As long as the other two don’t move too much, everything should be fine. I’ll only have a few seconds before anyone else shows up.
            I’ve broken into so many internment camps and this won’t be the last.
            The guard walks into the right spot.
            My heartbeat pounds my chest, but I can work through it. The stress bothered me the first few times I broke into internment camps.
            Time to move; the guard won’t stand there forever.
            I hooked up a net to a jeep with a pulley system in the front. I fire the net at the first guard and retract the cable. The net drags the guard as he kicks and screams. Before the other guards can comprehend the situation, I throw a bola at one. A bola is a throwing weapon with weights on the end of connected strings. I hit him in the face and knock him out. I aimed for his legs. I’m close enough to the last guard to take him down by hand. I flip him over with one hand, spin around and knock him out with one blow. The first guard struggles to get out of the net. I get to him before he can untangle his radio.
            I’m certain someone heard him yelling.
            A camp this size would usually have more guards. Before my onslaught, I heard a guard say something about budget cuts. I wondered if my vigilantism influenced the government. As yet, I have no notion that my presence worries anyone in government, but they know of me. They captured me once.
            I open the gate easily, but my concerns are for the people being held captive; the prisoners being locked up because they exist and having committed no crimes, hated for who they are. Society got persuaded by hate speeches started by one man. The politician turned dictator. Ronald Teagun. The Tommy Gun. He earned his nickname because of his own love for firearms and T-gun was slang for the semi-automatic Thompson rifle, or Tommy gun. The only difference between Teagun and the Thompson; Teagun had killed more people than all the Thompson rifles combined. Then the election made him the leader of the richest country in the world. People are idiots.
            I know where the prisoners are being held. My mission is to get them to safety and then destroy the compound. Years ago, I wouldn’t have thought I could do something like that. Now it feels like second nature.
            Four more guards come from around a building. I throw a smoke grenade and switch my face cover to infrared visuals. The guards stumble through the smoke and I pick them off one at a time.
            I find the building with the prisoners. I place explosive charges on one side of the building and then on the fence nearest the building. My planned exit strategy.
            Another guard wanders over without realizing I am there.
            “Hey! Who the hell are you?”
            I detonate the charges and the wall falls on him. People are clamoring inside, and this makes it easy to take out the guards. There are so many prisoners, mostly women and children. Many of them have torn shirts around their heads as hijabs. Devout to the end I guess. I hear someone shouting at me, but I only catch two words.
            “Al Hafiz!”
            They speak Arabic. I only understand Al Hafiz because I chose that for my codename. I guess they’ve heard of me. They are all staring at me, confused. They don’t know what to do. I blow the charges on the fence giving them a way out. It probably made a cool silhouette from their perspective.
            As they all run to the open fence, I run off to blow the compound. I am hoping the camp’s armory has more explosives. I can only carry so much with me. Unfortunately, there are more guards to fight. I see prisoners fighting them. And the prisoners are winning. They take rifles and create a nice distraction, so I can get to work.
            I am forced to break into every building. Normally this would be time consuming, but the breakout has everyone preoccupied. Three buildings later, I find the armory and it has a ridiculous number of explosives. I take all I need and even a couple more Kevlar vests; you can never have too many. I set charges on every building. They are close enough to set each charge off after each explosion. All the explosives in the armory will create an awesome big boom.
            I set the charges; I punch in sixty seconds on the timer and run like hell. The guards and prisoners keep fighting. I throw a flash bomb to disorient everyone. I throw people through the fence. I remove weapons, so no one can keep firing. And then I hear the booms. It almost sounds like fireworks; almost. I run a separate direction from the prisoners. The guards don’t care about anyone anymore. Both objectives are complete; another successful mission.

An excerpt from the novella The Tommy Gun. Available for free on Kindle on February 22, 2019 only.

Spooky Stories in Online Magazines

I am excited to tell everyone about the several stories I’ve had published to online magazines. As I mostly write horror fiction, it felt obvious that many stories would be published in the month of October. And to continue the spooky season, I am sharing the links to these stories on my blog. I have shared the links on my social media and some of you may have already seen these, but I want everyone to know. These stories will also be included in my forthcoming collection of short fiction “Morbid Museum.”

The first story published was “The Demon’s Favor” as a feature in the October issue of Uncaged Book Reviews on page 40. They primarily publish reviews of horror novels, but on occasion offer some short fiction. The next story, “Ceres” was entered into a contest on The Bold Mom Blog. The Bold Mom is a horror promoter. The submissions for the contest end on October 23 and that’s when voting begins. There are currently 30 entries and will possibly have more. I post a link when the voting starts so you all can vote more my story “Ceres” which is about pirates and hungry creatures.

My most recent publication was “Where the Bullfrogs Gather” on Jitter Press. This story is featured online and will be part of a printed collection. Details about the paperback edition are coming soon. I’ll let you all know when it’s available. My collection of short fiction won’t be ready until I finish a few more stories, but I will have another eBook available soon featuring a few short stories. I also have my novella “The Tommy Gun” in final editing stages. Just in the writing world I have a lot going on. The rest of my life is busy too. Happy spooky reading!