Hellpets – Part 7

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            “Who’s hungry?” Charles said.

            “Oh, I’m so happy. I feel like I’ve never eaten. I’m so hungry.” Hinn said.

            “You ate this morning.”

            “Who’s excited for din din?” Charles said.

            “Me. I’m excited!” Hinn said.

            “Is Duke excited?”

            “Yes, but my name is Hinn. I’m still very excited about eating. Eating is my favorite thing. I’m gonna eat all this food!”

            “Slow down. You’re a hound not a pig.” I said.


            “You’re dropping food and slobber everywhere. Stop it!”

            “And here’s dinner for Duchess.” Charles said.

            “This better not be the same garbage the shelter fed me. Oh, wait. This is really good. Damn. Charles you’re my favorite.”

            “And I’ll fill up your water dishes while you two eat. Try not to make a mess Duke.” Charles said.

            “Yeah, Duke. Don’t make a mess.” I said.

            “I can’t help myself. Earth food is so amazing.”

            “That’s just dog food. You should try the human food.”

            “Human food? I thought they ate this stuff too.”

            “Nope. Their food is incredible. Especially steaks.”

            “What’s that?”

            “A big chunk of meat.”

            “Oh, my Gaap! Earth is awesome.”

            “It’s okay, I guess. Who are you?”

            “Ahh! Oh, Amy. When did you get here?” Hinn said.

            “Hinn, I hope I haven’t disturbed your Earth dinner. You must be Haura. I’m Hinn’s manager.”

            “Next time don’t sneak up on me when I’m eating.” I said.

            “I’ll do my best. Hinn, a word?”
            “Sure. I’m all done.”

            “Can we go somewhere private?”

            “Haura’s teaching me about Earth. We can chat in front of her.”

            “Very well. Your first assignment is starting soon. You’ll collect the soul, drag them down for processing, then return here and await further instructions. Understand?”


            “Okay. Get ready. And…go now.”

            They both left. Maybe I can eat in peace. I wonder if Ligur has crossed paths with that Hellhound before. He should pop in tomorrow. I’ll ask him about Amy.

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