Hellpets – Part 8

Read Part 7

            “Hey, I’m back.” Hinn said.


            “Did the human notice?”

            “You were gone for like five seconds.”

            “Is that a long time?”

            “No. You’ll get used to Earth time.”

            “It’s really convenient when you’re already up here fetching souls.”

            “Who was it?”

            “The soul? Some retail manager. Suicide.”

            “Retail’s a tough job.”

            “You think so?”

            “I wouldn’t want to deal with humans complaining all the time.”

            “Did anything happen while I was gone?”

            “A fly came inside.”

            “A fly!? Where is this intruding fiend? How dare you enter a Hellhound’s home.”

            I shouldn’t have said anything.

            “There you are. Hah. Hah.”

            He’s trying to eat the fly. This is almost entertaining. I’ll snuggle up here on the back of the couch and watch the show.

            “Owe. You made me trip. Come back here you furry swine!”

            “Hinn, I’m starting to dislike you less.”

            “You like me?”

            “That’s not what I said.”

            “Could you give me a hand with this Earth creature?”

            “But you’re doing so well.”

            “He’s too cunning and nefarious for me.”

            “That isn’t saying much.”



            “What should I do?”

            “Try staying in one spot and wait for it to come closer.”

            “Good idea.”

            “Why do you look like you’re about to poop?”




            “Ugh. Why do you snort when you chomp at him?”

            “I missed. He’s a slippery one.”

            “So nefarious.”

            “I know, right? How do Earth dogs handle this stuff?”

            “You should try asking an Earth dog?”

            “Great idea! Hey! Hey other dogs! Hey! Hey!”

            “Stop barking, you idiot.”

            “But dogs are shouting back.”

            “I changed my mind. I dislike you a lot now.”

Read Part 9 (the final part).

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