Flashback Friday Poetry: Peaceful Darkness

each night as many lay their heads to sleep
the Darkness inside me begins to creep
perverse satisfaction is all i seek
to close my Stained eyes and forever sleep
this peaceful Death, how it would taste so sweet

some might find this to be an extreme thought
to end a life when for so long you fought
but for all the work no Joy you have brought
and is wishing for Peace such a bad thought
all have wished for Peace; they wish it a lot

Early poetry from James.

Flashback Friday Poetry: Pessimistic Optimism

wondering what dreams may come
in this life that i’ve begun
lost within the Darkened Skies
that lurk above my hope-filled mind
how do i, in all this mess
keep myself from being stressed
i can barely stay alive
but nothing seems to kill my Drive
now what seems to be the end
is a starting point again
to take a new turn in life
dare to endure that awful strife
is the fight more rewarding
or the prize its regarding
Darkened Skies that fill my head
will remain there until i’m dead

Early poetry from James. From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.