Tuesday Poetry: Joker’s Wild

They see me as something undesired
but the Royal Flush see me as Wild
sometimes called a jester or fool to some
but the Suicide King knows I’m not dumb

I can sit on the side and watch the game
or have the power to join just the same
I’m not counted among the fifty-two
I am the Chaos waiting to ensue

considered below those other Faces
my face always keeps them in their places
Numbers run amok whenever able
except when I’m on the Poker Table

some say the power is held by the King
or he’s under the Black Ace’s wing
no matter how others may often see
all of the Suits will always bow to Me

Poetry Monday: Nora

i’m so sorry my dear
i could not save you
i have been imprisoned
unable to complete the research
to find the cure
to save your life

it doesn’t matter
nothing left of me
is the man you love
only bitter cold
and anger towards people
you wouldn’t love me

my humanity is gone
i’m just a monster now
feeling no emotions
except love for you
how i long for the day
when you warm my heart again

Having Tea with My Demons

This selection is from my newest collection of poetry, Black Chaos. Click Here to Purchase. Visit the Black Chaos Page to learn more about the collection and see select reviews for the book as well as other purchase links to several platforms including Nook and iBooks. There will be a new poem from the collection every Saturday and Sunday in April in celebration of the book’s release and National Poetry Month. Tell me what you think in the comments below.

Having Tea with My Demons

The world inside myself
Is less terrifying
Six months since my fall from grace
My identity shattered
I built myself anew
Phoenix from the ashes
I always fear a relapse
Falling into old habits
I try not to forget
The things that brought me here
I spend more time inside my head
Where I live with my demons not
In fear of what they will do