When You’ve Nowhere to Go Except the Beyond

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When You’ve Nowhere to Go Except the Beyond

The ceiling crawls toward the desert
My brain summersaults to a new place
The bed melts away 

Pigeons are angry this time of year
But I’ve never seen them in the desert
The journey is long and hot
I don’t know my destination 
But somehow I know the way
The sand spirals in a whirlwind

Summersaults again 
The kitchen is dull with
Brutal fluorescent lights
I search for a cup but the cabinets
Are all filled with shredded newspaper
I expected this but never think why 

Finger and hands ooze from the sink
I’ll need these and the newspaper
For when the pigeons retaliate

Flashback Friday Poetry: Drifter By Nature

every few years
i get this itch
to travel away
a new place to live
a new frontier
a new tent to pitch

there’s nothing wrong
with the old places
i just grow weary
of the same old things
a curse i live with
to find new faces

nothing to run from
no need to worry
enjoy the moment
there are so many
forever searching
for new discoveries