Poetry Monday: Words

i’ve spent a lifetime searching for words
words for fun; words for play; the right words
the words i write are usually bad
sometimes they are great; sometimes they’re sad
i put too much thought in words i say
thinking of words makes me lose my way
sitting here alone with only words
i’ve spent a lifetime searching for words
time to stop searching; it’s time to speak

Poetry Monday: Love Lost

with a smirk and a giggle
you trap me in your gaze
i’d do anything for you
you set my soul ablaze
if only i could tell you
i’ve tried so many days

the celestial being
that you are in my eyes
you’ve never noticed before
this causes many sighs
i cannot make you notice
after all of my tries

though you are with someone else
i wish you could be mine
i’ll never ask this of you
to leave your man behind
i will never forget you
and you’ll never be mine

Poetry Monday: An Apology

fond memories i have of you and i
but memories are a cheap substitute
i always had feelings for you my dear
and i believe that you shared them as well
i am sorry that i never told you
perhaps we would both be together now
i miss the times we shared with each other
i miss the times we never got to have