Throwback Thursday Poetry: Social Studies

here you see
the Preps
with their stylish clothes and perky faces
they remain happy with thoughts of angles
the people who attend church every Sunday
and buy their children cars for their 16th birthday

here you see
the Gangsta’s
with their gold chains and sideways caps
they look over exaggerate the way they talk and act
the people who speak english worse than immigrants
they brag constantly about their accomplishments

here you see
the Punks
with their green hair and Mohawks
they think the world hates them though it does not
the people who look weird just to be different
look like a Picasso painting on canvas

here you see
the Goths
with their dark clothes and morbid minds
they think about death all the time
the people who frighten the other groups of the world
will continue to do so with the smirk of a girl

Early poetry from James. From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.

Poetry Monday: Hookers

Explicit Content Warning

I paid a woman for sex
She wasn’t the first and wasn’t the last
A tiny thing, short, thin
100 pounds soaking wet
We started our fun; it was going well
I thought I was some master sex machine fiend
We moved through a few positions
Then she started sneezing
With each sneeze she pushed me out of her
It felt a little funny at the time
Nothing says get the hell away from me
Like a sneeze when you’re fucking

From the poetry collection Men Are Garbage.