Wacky Wednesday: July 22

Welcome to another fun filled day of wacky words and wacky holidays. Our first word is a noun which refers to a glass jar for collecting small insects. It’s called a Pooter. One of my illiterate relatives would often refer to computers as pooters. The process involves sucking the insects through a small tube. I don’t know if this was ever practical. Next we have a rare word which describes something that is also rare. Agastopia refers to loving one part of someone’s body. They may protect it more than other parts or they may prefer to use it for tasks. Do you have a favorite part of your body?

We have a couple of food holidays and a couple not-food holidays today. We have National Hammock Day and National Rat Catcher’s Day. If you own a hammock, go enjoy it this evening. Rat Catcher’s Day commemorates the myth of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Our food holidays are National Penuche Fudge Day and National Hot Dog Day. Penuche Fudge is like any other fudge but often includes nuts. National Hot Dog Day occurs on a Wednesday in July every year. It was founded by the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council in 1991. Over 25 million hot dogs are sold at baseball stadiums each year. Maybe not this year (2020)? Have you enjoyed a hot dog today?

Wacky Wednesday: July 15

We have a fun Wacky Wednesday this week’s with lots of obscure wacky holidays. First, we have our usual wacky words. Our first word is a mouthful, Triskaidekaphobia. It’s pronounced ‘TRIS-kye-DEK-a-FOH-bee-a.’  It’s the fear and avoidance of the number 13. Friday the 13th and the Apollo 13 mission are two examples of the unlucky 13. Our next word is an adjective and I can’t say I’ve heard it used here in the United States. Rawky meaning of weather or atmosphere: cold, damp, chilly, dull, foggy. Though I’ve never heard it, I’m certain there are many places on the East coast with rawky weather.

The holidays for today are straight forward. Today is National Give Something Away DayNational I Love Horses DayNational Tapioca Pudding DayNational Pet Fire Safety Day, and National Gummi Worm Day. If you like horses, gummi worms, or tapioca pudding, I’m sure you know how to celebrate. For Give Something Away Day, you can clean out your closet or garage and donate what you find. You could buy a friend a meal or a drink. It’s pretty simple. Pet Fire Safety Day reminds us to consider our pets when planning fire safety. While I value many things in my home, the first thing I’m grabbing is my cat, Callie, and running out the door. Even if I’m still in my pajamas. 

Wacky Wednesday: July 8

It’s time for another Wacky Wednesday. This week is pretty chill when it comes to holidays and as always, I have a couple fun words to expand your vocabulary. Our first word of the day is Screenager. A noun referring to a person in their teens or early twenties who has an aptitude for computers and spends much of their time on the internet. There is also a 2016 documentary titled Screenagers where a mother must decide if she should give her daughter an iPhone, directed by Delany Ruston. 

Our next word is Wayzgoose. A noun referring to a holiday or party for the benefit of printers, usually held in August. Most often on or around St. Bartholomew’s Day. The term initially meant a fat goose suitable for stuffing. The term was used for parties for printers because it marked the end of the Summer season and goose was often the dish of choice for that time of year. This holiday also marked the start of the season of working by candlelight.

As usual, our wacky holidays revolve around food. Today is the first annual celebration of National Freezer Pop Day. That’s right, 2020 is the first year to officially celebrate freezer pops. How do you observe the holiday? Pick up and eat some freezer pops. Easy enough. Today is also National Chocolate with Almonds Day. The origins of this holiday are unknown, but it still sounds delicious. My apologies to anyone with a nut allergy, but hopefully you can still enjoy the chocolate. Be sure to share some pictures celebrating these foods or using the new words you’ve added to your vocabulary. It’s hot outside. Get a freezer pop!