Coffee and Contemplation: Tie One on for Safety

November 16 through December 31 is designated as the Tie One on for Safety Holiday Campaign organized by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). It started in 1983 to convince people have a designated driver when drinking. The idea is the sober driver wears a red ribbon, so everyone knows they are the driver. Hence the phrase tie one on meaning a ribbon. The number of traffic-related deaths caused by drunk drivers increases during the holiday season. This is why the campaign last for about 6 weeks. Since the creation of new taxi services such as Lyft and Uber, it should be easier than ever to avoid driving after a night of drinking.

What folks don’t want to talk about this year is the increase in Covid-19 cases as we approach Winter. This means you shouldn’t travel for the holidays. Also, you should do all your drinking at home to social distance. If we can tie one on for safety, then we should be able to stay home for safety. There are many who still believe Covid-19 is a hoax. Whether you do or don’t, the flu is real, bronchitis is real, strep throat is real. Wear a face mask to help protect you from those illnesses during the Winter. Mask up for safety should be a thing too.

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