Wacky Wednesday: June 3

I’m trying something a little new this month with the Wacky Wednesday. We’ll have a couple fun words and then some fun holiday celebrations. Every day of the year has one or more weird things to celebrate. What sort of things could one possibly celebrate on June 3? Well, the first Wednesday of June is National Running Day. I’m didn’t go for a run and I suspect you haven’t either, so we’ll just skip that one. However, if you are a runner, I’m sure you’re celebrating in your own way and I hope you enjoy it.

Our first word is Argle-Bargle. Yes, it’s supposed to be hyphenated. This is a noun meaning “copious or meaningless talk or writing; nonsense.” One could argue that these Wacky Wednesday posts are argle-bargle. One could also argue that a certain public figure in the United States does nothing but speak argle-bargle. The next word is Bibliopole. Another noun meaning “a person who buys and sells books, especially rare ones.” I think that one is self-explanatory and doesn’t need examples. Go to any used bookstore and you’ll find many a bibliopole.

Most of the National holidays for June 3 revolve around food. The first is National Egg Day. Do you enjoy eggs for breakfast? Why not have some with lunch, dinner, supper, or maybe a Second Breakfast? Enjoy eggs all day! The next is National Chocolate Macaroon Day. That sounds like a lovely snack to have after having eggs with your supper. And finally, we have National Repeat Day. Some may repeat daily habits such as washing the dishes twice. Or they’ll repeat words and phrases like saying hello twice when greeting someone. You can also relive a fun day out with friends or family. Tell me what you did to celebrate these holidays in the comments. Enjoy! Enjoy!

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