Coffee and Contemplation: Chucky the Notorious Killer Doll Day

Yes, Chucky (Charles Lee Ray) of the Child’s Play films has his own special holiday. Rumor has it a Facebook group petitioned for a number of years to have October 25 recognized as the day for Chucky. It feels appropriate. It’s six days before Halloween. Many people are scared of dolls, especially those possessed by serial killers. But how does one observe this holiday? Have a movie marathon with all of Chucky’s movies. There’s some nostalgia for me as I was a small child when the first two films were released. I wasn’t scared though. At least I don’t remember being scared.

I’m here to argue that today should be about any possessed, killer doll. Or even just creepy dolls that haven’t yet killed anyone. I think that’s fair. You can watch the Puppet Master film series. Anything with a creepy ventriloquist puppet will work. The Goosebumps films, with Jack Black, have a creepy doll. This day doesn’t have to be only about Chucky. Let’s celebrate all our creepy dolls including Annabelle. And don’t forget about that weird clown from Poltergeist. There are plenty of creepy dolls to go around. If you’re afraid of creepy dolls, maybe you should stay home today and not talk to anyone. The rest of us will binge watch all the creepy, killer doll movies.

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