Throwback Thursday Poetry: Thoughts Inside

i’ve no self-esteem
i’m beginning to bleed
inside to out
i’m always in doubt
of myself
and everything i do
no one will help me
no one sets me free
compassion’s what i want
i never got a lot
trust i see in you
make my dreams come true

this is not healthy
i need some company
i cannot live alone
in my home
by myself
with no one to talk to
i walk down the hall
and stare at you all
you look at me weird
as if i should be feared
it’s not polite to stare
but i don’t care

where is the laughter?
what’s happily ever after?
i wonder about my life
mainly when i’ll die
stuck with myself
and nowhere to go
it’s hard to live this way
each day is gray
trapped inside my head
i can make nothing mend
my soul is in pain
please take it away

Early poetry from James. From the poetry collection Pariah Bound: The Lonesome Poetry.

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