Poetry Monday: A Goddess in the Fortress of Screams

She sits in a fortress she made with her screams
            Longing for a chance to break free
Many visitors partake in the scene
            None notice her captivity
She talks with them about casual things
            She won’t ask them to set her free

I used to live in my own fortress of screams
            I want to help her achieve her dreams
She says she wants to escape and be with me
            But she is not ready to run –
I can’t force her out, so I must wait and see
            If she fights the darkness she breathes

Many months go by and she says nothing
            But I sense in her a longing
A desire to break the curse at her feet
            But the will to do so is weak –
She avoids my gaze but does not ignore me
            She won’t talk but won’t have me leave
She knows I will ask if now she is ready
            To break the spell and sail the sea

It was easy in the beginning to speak
            We’d be with each other it seemed
I wish I had never confessed my feelings
            Perhaps, grown apart, we would not be
I miss her, but she still feels so close to me
            It’s only her I want to see

I must have patience and understanding
            Ignore my ego and longing
            Think of her heart and feelings
Just as I did, she will break from her screams
            Her prison, she will finally leave
Only she can save herself from the darkness
            She must be the hero she needs

I tell her I’ll wait until she is ready
            I know this makes her happy
I want to be a positive influence
            To help her fight all her demons
She’s strong and beautiful and intelligent
She knows this but needs to be reminded
            She’s a goddess in a fortress
            She will break free when she’s ready

From the poetry collection Men Are Garbage.

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