Poetry Monday: Bouncer at a Gay Bar

I watched the back gate
Checking IDs
Watching for people
Who drank too much
This guy walked up to me

“So, you’re like
The backdoor bouncer, heh heh”

I stared at him

“Get it? Cuz it’s a gay bar
Backdoor, heh heh”

I stared at him

“Cool, I’m gonna go”
“That’s a good idea”

Another night
Watching the front door
Checking IDs
Watching for drunks
A woman tries to open the door
She knocks on the window

“Are you open”

I make a gesture
For her to pull the door
She looks at a friend

“I don’t think they’re open”

I walk over and push
With one finger on the window
And walk outside

“The handle stays locked
You just have to pull”

“But when you open a door
You turn the handle”

“And you pull”

“Oh, well I guess
I forgot that part”

Some people are stupid
Before the alcohol

From the poetry collection Men Are Garbage.

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