A New eBook Coming Soon

Another installment of the Dollar Tales Series will drop next month. This short eBook features four short stories and an introduction by the Morbid Museum Curator, Siris Grim. This collection features various monsters and things without names. Stories in the “Creatures Exhibit” include tales of aliens, genetically mutated humans, and giant turtles skilled in martial arts. The scheduled release is April 23, 2019 (Shakespeare’s birthday). Preorder Dollar Tales from the Morbid Museum: Creatures on Amazon for Kindle today. To get a taste of what the Morbid Museum has to offer, download Dollar Tales from the Morbid Museum: Flash Fiction on Amazon for free this Friday, March 22, 2019 only.

This is the third installment of the Dollar Tales series. Each of these short collections will be combined to create one paperback. With each eBook in this series, I have been able to strengthen the concept I have for this collection. The paperback will include stories not featured in these short eBooks as well as previously unpublished works. Reviews are always appreciated.

Welcome to the Creatures Exhibit. Visitors to the Morbid Museum seek the dark and twisted corners of the world. They are both terrified and intrigued by the unknown. Tales of killers, monsters, and madmen are curated by the Master of Death, Mr. Siris Grim. Mr. Grim collects the darkness that everyone attempts to hide and displays it within the corridors of his gruesome gallery. Who will be next to purchase a ticket and walk the halls of the Morbid Museum?

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