Twofer Tuesday Poetry: Friendly Flirting & Intimacy Costs Extra

Friendly Flirting

I spent many days
Weeks even
Building the courage
To ask the question

Is all this flirting
Just for fun
Or do you hope
It will lead somewhere

I hoped
It was building
To something

Then one day
I got a message
Meant for someone else
You were embarrassed
My chest was pounding

I got my answer
Without asking
I said I wouldn’t ask
Any of the many
Questions I had
You said thank you
And asked
How I was feeling

Were you worried
I was angry

You’ve made more effort
To keep me around
Than others have

What am I
To you

What am I
To anyone

Intimacy Costs Extra

I’ve had my fair share
Of prostitutes

They were nice to me
Because I gave them money

I thought they would help me
Feel less alone

I was always disappointed

Masturbation is more satisfying
But sometimes it’s nice
To be held

From the poetry collection Men Are Garbage.

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